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Commercial Rent Distress
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Commercial Rent Distress Services

As a commercial landlord you have the right to distraint once lease payments are in arrears. Prosec Services Inc’s Bailiff Division will advise and act in your best interests to efficiently and professionally carry out the distress on your behalf.

Prosec Services Inc has over 20 years of combined experience assisting landlords who wish to exercise their right to distraint. Acting as your agent, Prosec Services will carry out your instructions regarding repossession and the seizure of property to help recover the monies in arrears. We work ethically and conscientiously to minimize any stress that may arise in these situations.

Seized assets can be stored in our secure lots. Should a tenant continue to default, and the landlord needs to take the next step to recover costs, Prosec Services will prepare and sell the assets with all effort directed toward obtaining the maximum value. Assets will be made viewable in person, and online on our website.

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